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Annual Leave Exchange and Carryover 🌴


IT-AS AL Leave Carryover and Exchange 2024 - 5-12-2023
Download PDF • 146KB
HRSSC AL Leave Carryover and Exchange 2024 - 5-17-2023
Download PDF • 158KB
Fw_ Annual leave carryover and retirement in 2021
Download PDF • 302KB
APWU - 2024 Annual Leave Exchange 5-2-2023
Download PDF • 47KB
APWU - 2024 Annual Leave Carryover 5-2-2023
Download PDF • 44KB
NPPN AL Leave Carryover and Exchange 2024 - 5-17-2023
Download PDF • 146KB


Please see the message below from APWU Director of Industrial Relations Charlie Cash and the documents attached related to Annual Leave Exchange and Annual Leave Carryover.

If you have any questions, please contact your local leadership team.

-Jonathan Smith, President of NYMAPWU




I have previously sent this out on more than one occasion but have received nearly a dozen questions if we are extending the carryover for 2024 this week alone. To be fair, HRSSC sent out a confusing letter to employees eligible for the exchange. Employees then called HRSSC and were told something different than what the MOUs call for. I spoke with my counterpart, Shannon Richardson, and I have been informed that HRSSC has the correct information and they ensured the agents are providing correct information. We all need to remember that the HRSSC employees we talk to when we call, are APWU Bargaining Unit members and work hard to do their best to take care of those we represent. I thank them for all their hard work.


But here is the annual leave exchange and carryover information again: 


Annual Leave Exchange and Carryover was extended for leave year 2024 in May of 2023. The MOUs are attached and the email sent out is attached. Here is the original news story:  2024 Annual Leave Exchange and Carryover MOU | American Postal Workers Union (


Annual leave carryover and exchange was also extended for 2024 for IT/AS, HRRSC, and the Nurses. Those documents are attached—these document contains two pages with one being the carryover language and the other page the exchange language. 


Also, if an employee is retiring and they have the maximum amount of earned leave (520) based on our previous understanding, they can cash out the 520 hours of earned leave.The email exchange/understanding document is also attached. 


Thank you,

Charlie Cash

Industrial Relations Director

American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO

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