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Open Season for FEHB is Here!

To all APWU family,

Please see the attached notification received from the Postal Service 10/23/23. This notification provides a package of information that is to be shared by the USPS with employees notifying them of the Upcoming Open Season for FEHB. Open Season begins on November 13, 2023 and runs through December 11, 2023.

Open season is an important time for employees to review their health benefits to ensure that their current benefits fits their needs and the needs of their families. This is a one time opportunity for employees to make the necessary changes to their FEHB Hhealth Benefits. Employees are only permitted to make changes outside of Open Season, unles an employee has a Qualifying Life Event (QLE) during the remainder of the year.

Per the ELM:

524.5 Enrollment or Change in Enrollment

524.51 General

An employee is given the opportunity to enroll or to make changes in

enrollment only as specified herein. The determination of an employee’s

eligibility to enroll or change enrollment under the FEHB Program is made by

the Human Resources Shared Service Center (HRSSC). Therefore,

employees are required to provide the HRSSC with sufficient evidence to

justify a request to enroll or change enrollment under the Program.

524.52 Events Permitting

The complete list of Qualifying Life Events can be found in each Guide to

Benefits for U.S. Postal Service Employees in the Table of Permissible

Changes in FEHB Enrollment and Pre-Tax/After-Tax Premium Payment at


524.521 New Appointment

A new employee eligible for coverage may enroll within 60 days after date of

appointment in any available plan, option, and type of enrollment.

524.522 Change in Employment Status

Employees who have been employed under conditions excluding them from

coverage but whose employment later changes so that they are no longer

excluded, may enroll in a plan of their choice within 60 days after the change.

524.523 FEHB Open Season

During FEHB Open Season, eligible employees who are not enrolled may be

enrolled, and enrolled employees may change enrollment from one plan or

option to another, or from Self Only to Self and Family, or both.

See the additional information on Qualifying Life Events (QLE) in this section of the ELM 524.5

Lynn Pallas-Barber Assistant Clerk Craft Director 1300 L Street, NW Washington, DC 20005 202-842-4220

SEE BELOW for RESOURCES regarding the upcoming


10-23-2023 Notification GCCV20230478 The Postal Service Has Created Resources That Will Be
Download • 6.03MB

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