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Better Staffing, Better Service! Network Modernization Documents Meeting 1/29/24db

Please see the important message below from APWU Secretary Treasure Liz Powell regarding the important fight we are engaged in, and the importance of enlisted others to join the fight.


Kindly note that for the sake of brevity, I’ve included an attachment which contains a message from APWU Director of Industrial Relations Charlie Cash which includes an updated tracking sheet.


Should you have any questions please contact your local leadership team.

-President Smith

This cannot be just a union leadership fight.  The union is each and every one of us and therein lies our strength. 
We all have a role to play reaching out to our families, neighbors, labor and community organizations, and local political representatives to fight for our jobs and our service.
Stay tuned, stay ready!  Stay Safe and be Well.
Liz Powell

Presentation from APWU Director of Industrial Relations Charlie Cash:

Update to the Field 1-29-2024 Presentation
Download PDF • 816KB

Updated Tracking Sheet:

MPFR Tracking Sheet with Distance 01-29-2024
Download XLSX • 16KB

Better Staffing Better Service Literature:

Download PDF • 9.11MB
Download PDF • 610KB

Better Staffing Better Service PETITION!

Download PDF • 366KB

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