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Director of Industrial Relations


As the Director of Industrial Relations for NY Metro, I am responsible for organizing non-members among other duties.


Some of the benefits of belonging to APWU include:  cost-of-living adjustments (COLA), health care and retirement benefits, annual leave, sick leave, holidays, protection against layoffs, pay raises and dignity in the workplace.  If you think management at the Postal Service gave us these benefits out of the goodness of their hearts, you have another thing coming.  Postal workers fought hard and struggled to earn these benefits.  Prior to the 1970 strike, postal workers' barely made a living and even qualified for public assistance (food stamps).  They took a stand so we can benefit from their actions.


Some postal workers think, "Well, I don't get in trouble so I don't need the Union."  APWU is much more than representation, as outlined above all the benefits we have.  This Local has dental plans, seminars, picnics, nights at the baseball games, Christmas parties all for members only.


Talk to your non-member co-workers about why they are not members.  Non-members lists should be posted in all facilities.


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