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 "We might not win every fight, but you can be sure that we will fight every battle."



How do we change this union?  We must first change our attitude.


We must realize that the union is not perfect.  Neither is your marriage or relationship.  When you have a disagreement with your spouse, you don't just leave, you fight to make a situation work.


There is never an excuse  to quit your union because you are the union so how do you divorce  yourself.  One person's reason is another person's excuse.


How can you expect the union to fight for you when you are afraid to fight for yourself.


Outside of paying union dues, what have you done to help the union?

  1. Have you attended any union meetings?

  2. Have you ever attended a union sponsored rally?

  3. Have you filed a 1767 (safety hazard) form?

  4. Have you ever written a statement about management violating the contract?

  5. Have you ever read the contract?


We as a union have to fight to save our jobs because there are political forces that are serious about contracting out our work.


The objective of the union is simple...protect and create 40 hour full-time jobs.


We don't fight for overtime; we don't fight for your right to be a 204B (acting supervisor); we don't fight for your right not to work because you are a senior employee or a veteran employee.


I realize the union can be better but it will never be perfect sometimes the problem is members unreasonable expectations and serious lack of communication and participation.


Together we can be strong and protect our jobs from some real threats, such as:


  1. Privatization

  2. Closures and consolidation

  3. Contracting out our work

  4. Down sizing our workforce

  5. Using postal workers as a political bargaining chip


How do you stop postal consolidations?  YOU FIGHT!

How do you stop contracting out our work?   YOU FIGHT!

How do you stop privatizations?   YOU FIGHT!


How do you stop Postmaster Donahoe from destroying the postal service?








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